examples of portable fire extinguisher inspection include:

  • Check that the unit is properly hung and unobstructed
  • Check the pressure and condition of the gauge
  • Check the valve and shell for sings of damage or corrosion
  • Check the hose for sings of crack, splits, or sings of water
  • Check the last 6 year maintenance and hydro test dates
  • Break the extinguisher seal and remove the locking pin
  • Replace locking pin and install a new seal
  • Check that the unit is properly located, within the normal path of travel, and at the required height
  • Compile a complete location report identifying  any deficiencies
  • Recommend corrective action to be taken in accordance with recognized codes for care and maintenance
  • Upon completion of inspection and / or any repair, applicable inspection documents and noted deficiencies shall be left on site and available electronically

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